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15 weeks


As functional medicine practitioners, we look for the root cause and treat the whole person versus bandaging or pacifying the problem. 


Optimal wellness requires the balancing of foundational systems such as the adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones and the gastrointestinal tract.

You’re right, regardless of what you’ve been told. There is a connection with fatigue, stress, sleep issues, weight gain, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, skin rashes, excessive hair loss, pain, inflammation, cognition and mood. 

We will work intimately together for 15 weeks to get Back to Wellness. We will not only be looking at strengthening the physical body to support you, but also looking at how your life path up to this point has impacted your overall health. 

Our joint goal of creating a healthy gut, balanced endocrine system (adrenals and hormones), strong immune system and optimized metabolism will result in more energy, vitality, happiness and well being overall. You will learn to re-engage the body, mind and emotions at a new level and repair your connection to the innate wisdom within.

The program includes specialized testing, one-on-one functional medicine visits, a personalized nutrition program, clinical grade supplements with targeted recommendations for the entire length of the program and movement and mindfulness-based lifestyle strategies all to bring you to a place of deep health.

This 15 week journey is strategically designed as a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable health and vitality. Though many other practices offer one off visits, we have found this non-committal approach less effective at getting to your wellness goals in an efficient and economical way.


The first step today is scheduling The Root Cause Review visit where we will get a clear view of what’s happening and why as well as a solid plan on what to do next on your healing path. 

Much of this process involves looking at all layers of your being physical + emotional + psychological + spiritual. It’s my belief that this is true “wholistic medicine” as this this how we are constructed and need to find balance. By the time our physical body demonstrates symptoms, it’s already downstream from the other deep root issues such as stress, mal-alignment with our purpose or limiting beliefs and even past traumas.

(I’ve been through this myself so I completely understand. Here’s abit about my own story in my 2016 Tedx talk...

My Story

Four years ago, I was a burned out doctor, unavailable mom, and a distant wife. I had anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, food sensitivities, GI issues, skin rashes, and really bad PMS. There I was, body broken and soul near dead. As a trained physician, I should have known what was wrong.... 

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