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As functional medicine doctors, we uncover the root cause of your symptoms versus just bandaiding or pacifying the problem. Often there is a connection with the gut, hormones, inflammation, pain and fatigue. More often than not, adrenal imbalance is affected and needs to be addressed as the foundation of health and healing.

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Much of this process involves looking at all layers of your being physical + emotional + psychological + spiritual. It’s my belief that this is true “wholistic medicine” as this this how we are constructed and need to find balance. By the time our physical body demonstrates symptoms, it’s already downstream from the other deep root issues such as stress, mal-alignment with our purpose or limiting beliefs and even past traumas.

(I’ve been through this myself so I completely understand. Here’s abit about my own story in my 2016 Tedx talk...

My Story

Four years ago, I was a burned out doctor, unavailable mom, and a distant wife. I had anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, food sensitivities, GI issues, skin rashes, and really bad PMS. There I was, body broken and soul near dead. As a trained physician, I should have known what was wrong.... 

That said, it is important for us to address tangible, practical issues such as sleep, hormones balance, gut health, pain/inflammation, etc. in order to facilitate the process of whole health healing. This could involve things like functional lab testing, the  elimination diet, targeted supplementation, hormonal balance with BHRT, mindful movement, yoga, stress reduction techniques with breathwork and deep self reflection and contemplation.

 The program content looks like this:
•comprehensive intake
•clear intention/goal setting
•mastering the fundamentals of physical + emotional + psychological + spiritual well-being
•determining root cause of symptoms/illness and understanding why
•focused wellness plan with accountability
•lab/functional medicine testing if necessary
•prescribing appropriate diet and natural supplements
•tools to create life balance and stress reduction

And the fun stuff if desired...
•determining true life purpose
•long term lifestyle design plan

Program Content

What's Included

 Here’s what’s included in the program:
• Initial visit (60-90 minutes)  
• 3 Follow-up in person visits @ Day 30 + 60 + 90 (60 minutes)
• 2- Checkin phone/ Skype calls (20 minutes) @ Day 15 + 45
• Supplement Starter Kit
• Functional Medicine Testing [addt’l cost]
• Unlimited email access [complimentary]

•Yoga unlimited classes for 3 months add on 

Currently I do not bill insurance. If you would like to submit to your company for potential reimbursement, please give them a call. You would want to ask about reimbursement for “out of network” doctor visits. As a family physician, I use the usual icd 10 codes/procedure codes. I would be happy to sign the paperwork. It will be your responsibility to correspond with your company as well as obtain and submit necessary documentation.









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• If you need the payment plan option or yoga add-on, I will send a different link.