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What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a branch of healthcare that focuses on treating your body as the unique, individual person that you are. Your state of health is a combination of your genetics and all the inputs your body has experienced over your life--from the food you eat, to the medicines you have taken, to the natural environment where you live.

The traditional model of care by most physicians is to run tests, identify when certain metrics are outside of an acceptable range, and then prescribe medications to return those metrics to normal.


Functional medicine, on the other hand, considers alternative treatments before medications or invasive procedures. By understanding the root cause of your ailment, functional medicine practitioners fix the root cause of the problem, rather than mask the symptoms with prescriptions.


Functional medicine is the future of healthcare as we transition to a society focused on getting well and staying well. While traditional medicine is irreplaceable for many acute conditions and sickness, functional medicine provides the foundation of preventative health​care.



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