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15 Weeks Back to Wellness

After attending a functional medicine training program, I left my hospital-owned medical practice to take a more integrative approach to caring for myself, my family, and my patients. Now, I’m interested in WHY symptoms and illness occur, and not just band-aiding, excising, or ignoring the problem.

15 Week Programs

Functional medicine emphasizes finding the root cause and patterns in illness and disease, and starting treatment from there first. In our “15 Weeks Back to Wellness” and our “Men’s Health Vitality and Drive” programs, both functional pharmacist Rob Kress RPh FxMed and Kay Corpus, MD will be focused on you and the unique individual you are. Together, we’ll dig into your history to help determine the root cause of your pain and create a healing regimen based on your specific needs. At Soul of Medicine, we don’t just focus on curing your symptoms, we focus on healing you from the inside out.

How it Works

Both our “15 Weeks Back to Wellness” and “Men’s Health Vitality and Drive” programs begin with a 90 minute conversation — in person or virtually. Here, we’ll listen to you discuss your biological and medical history, your biggest concerns, and your goals throughout the program. After establishing your intentions and goals, you’ll work with both Kay or Rob to form a healing plan, catered to you, that ultimately focuses on healing the whole self — physical, mental, and emotional.

In both programs, you’ll focus on deprograming and healing all layers of your body and mind while increasing lifestyle awareness. You will learn how to create a balanced endocrine system (adrenals and hormones) in order to optimize your metabolism to gain more energy, vitality, happiness, and overall well being. Throughout the 15 weeks, we’ll be focused on helping you re-engage with your body, mind and emotions to repair and connect to the innate wisdom within.

Customized Plan

The goal for both programs is to ensure that healing is taking place from the core of the issue in order to increase your overall well being. Together, we’ll focus on creating a healing plan that may include a multitude of different focuses in order to target the root issue. This could include: optimizing your HPA Axis (adrenal balance); uncovering unconscious commitments that cause depletion; practicing functional movement strategies to support strength, mobility, and energy; focusing on cardiovascular health and metabolic flexibility; detoxing your liver, lungs, and lymphatics, or balancing hormones.

Throughout these 15 week programs, Rob and Kay will work with you to customize a road map to help hold you accountable in maintaining your health and healing. Your wellness plan could include supplements, natural movement, nutritional guidance, or planned appointments to provide you with the ultimate healing guide and help you sustain your overall wellness.

If these programs sound like something you, your partner, or someone you know may be interested in, give us a call at (270) 398-8898 and we'll provide you with more information and expectations. Or book an appointment with Kay today by clicking here.

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