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MovNat: ABC 25 Local Lifestyles Interview

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

“I think I need to re-look at my movement practice.”

This is what I thought after returning from my first MovNat training. Sore and stiff, it was challenging to do simple tasks such as squatting and walking. That’s when I realized yoga alone wasn’t doing enough to take care of my body the way I thought it was. For this reason, I began implementing MovNat into my movement regimen.

Rob Kress, Functional Pharmacist and the other half of the Soul of Medicine team, describes the practice of MovNat as “essentially bringing together our evolutionary perspectives and how we grow into everyday living.” In our interview with Ange Humphreys on ABC 25 Local Lifestyles, Rob and I were able to share more about what MovNat is, why it’s different, our experience with and the benefits of natural movement and our 1 Day Elements MovNat Workshop happening on October 24th.

What is MovNat?

MovNat is simple – it’s moving your body and slowly incorporating movements into your routine that you used to do as a child. This may include things like crawling, running, swinging (like from monkey bars), squatting, lifting, etc. With MovNat, you get to tap into your inner child while also benefiting your cardiovascular health and increasing your range of motion. When you start practicing natural movement, you’ll find that practical tasks such as picking up our kids or grandkids becomes easier. Even placing a bag into the overhead compartment on a plane can become easier with this movement practice.

“The mechanics of learning how to use your own body and body weight is really empowering.”

Rob and I understand how getting back into movement or exploring other movement practices can be intimidating. That’s why we are excited to share more about our 1 Day Elements MovNat Workshop happening on October 24 in Owensboro, KY. At this workshop, Rob will be teaching the fundamentals of movement and helping you find a foundation for your body. He’ll also be teaching movements that support fall and injury prevention as well as equipping you with some at-home practices as well. You don’t want to miss it!

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