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Back to Our Roots: Exploring Functional Pharmacy

When Functional Pharmacist Rob Kress, RPh FxMed joined the Soul of Medicine team, he began challenging us and showing us a whole new side of functional medicine. Rob’s passions and ideologies come from knowing, understanding, and experiencing how natural medicine rests as the core to the history of pharmacy. He helps men and women understand that by being aware and intentional about your environment and living a functional lifestyle through natural movement and natural medicine that you can obtain your happiest, healthiest, and fullest life.

On his podcast, The Functional Pharmacy Podcast, he explains that it’s important to recognize our external environment and how our energy is impacted by external factors. By sourcing the energy from our surrounding environment, we get to choose where we emit that energy. When we choose a healthy and functional lifestyle that could mean pouring that energy into things such as self-development, revitalization, natural movement, or even rest.

Rob believes patients are looking for natural solutions for their health, while practitioners are looking towards integrative care to help solve their clients' problems and enhance their practices. That’s why he encourages other practitioners to integrate, promote, and implement natural medicine and natural movement in their practices. Doing this helps pharmacies get back to their roots… in nature.

Patients look to Rob for guidance in overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Some of the things Rob helps men and women with in his Wellness Program include:

  • Lifestyle diet (food and lifestyle)

  • Rest and relaxation (stress response)

  • Movement (natural and other)

  • Other lifestyle qualities (power of play, creativity, community, etc.)

  • Balance of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

If you’re someone who suffers from chronic issues and are still looking for answers, consider booking an appointment with Rob today.

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